Conny Walfridsson – minns tiden med Jan Sparring och Samuelsons

Digital audio documentary – Out Now! Conny Walfridsson – minns tiden med Jan Sparring och Samuelsons Conny Walfridsson was Jan Sparrings pianist for 15 years. Conny tells us about his career with his cooperation with the christian singer Jan Sparring and Samuelsons. Conny is meeting the producer Stefan Norlin in Clav music studio just outside Sundsvall. Conny has a […]

The art of caricaturing – ebook release

New e-book release. The art of Caricaturing was first relesased 1941. This book have lot’s of good information and learning for all who like caricaturing. A Series of Lessons Covering All Branches of the Art of Caricaturing. In the writing and illustrating of this book Mitchel’sl aim has been to produce a comprehensive and concise […]

Conny Walfridsson New DVD

New DVD Musical Memories – Conny Walfridsson. A cooperation with Clav music AB and Six String Studio AB. Released by Clav music and Naxos. Jan Sparring was a singer and artist who many remember for his songs and for Jan’s commitment to the weak and vulnerable. Now we have released a DVD where we meet […]


We have two business in one company, Grammofonbolaget and GrammoMedia.

GrammoMedia handles all the filmproduction within the company and we can make your corporate film, educational film, web-news/production-films and much more specially designed to your wishes. We make documentaries, musicvideos and animated films as well.

We are shooting in high definition (HD) for best quality and we have two editing suites and a sound booth in our studio at Gullmarsplan in Stockholm.

GrammoMedia also performs consulting assignments in live television for TV-companies.


Grammofonbolaget started in 1994 and became Ltd in 2006 and evolved in 2010 into two companies; Grammofonbolaget and GrammoMedia to distinguish our services.
Grammofonbolaget is our main company which continues to manage the music production, music & book publishing and record label.

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